News: Collapsed flyover, Kolkata. 31st March 2016

Collapsed Flyover - Kolkata - 31 March 2016This flyover was under construction in a densely populated area of Kolkata. Early this morning a section collapsed in five seconds and trapped people underneath. Many people came to the rescue and to remove rubble by hand. Large machines could not get near.

So far eighteen people are feared to be dead. The cause is not known and will be investigated. There is a suspicion that the materials used by subcontractors were inadequate; builders say it was an “Act of “God”.

On a recent visit to Central India I saw many other such flyovers being built over the centre of large towns.

2 thoughts on “News: Collapsed flyover, Kolkata. 31st March 2016

  1. Michael Thomas

    Definitely not! Calcutta is just amazing, probably the scruffiest city we have seen in India but it has a real buzz and there is so much to see. A few examples: the Marble Palace, Kumartuli clay sculptures, the Writers Building, the Great Eastern Hotel (recently modernised), South Parks Street Cemetery, the Indian Museum, Tagore’s House, Howrah Bridge, the Flower Market, New Market, the Maidan and the Botanical Gardens with the largest Banyan tree in the world (it covers 4 acres).

    It’s so full of contradictions. We had a guide on two visits who really knows her stuff but I fear she may have retired; I have her details if you wish. We even got into the Governor’s House (modelled on Kedleston Hall only much bigger) – it took D Cruickshank 20 years to get in!

    I suggest it goes well up your list but read about the history first, from the vicious opium trade to Capital City. Stay one night at the Fairlawn Hotel in Sudder Street is a must. We flew up to Kathmandu etc. after. I have got carried away with the memories.

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