Sachin and who? 10 April 2016

The papers and TV have been full of images of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on their first visit to India and what a start. Never mind the dress let’s play cricket!

42 year-old Sachin Tendulkar, the worldwide legend, turned up at the Oval Maidan in Mumbai for a game with local children and the Royals of course. A journalist friend has kindly sent these excellent photographs which tell the story. And take a look at Kate’s determined expression.

Kate and Sachin - 10 April 2016

Photos courtesy of Anil Raina of Mumbai Mirror

Kate and Sachin 2 - 10 April 2016 Kate with bat - 10 April 2016

There is a more serious side which is to promote awareness for children’s’ charities.

3 thoughts on “Sachin and who? 10 April 2016

  1. Michael Thomas

    Wonderful photographs Anil – many thanks.
    It’s so different from my first visit in 1989. Tendulkar was only 15 for a start. We arrived at the old Delhi airport, had to find our luggage, then off along the old road where there was an elephant lumbering past pavements filled with destitute families camped under blue polythene. Arrived at Siddarth Hotel half asleep, yet amazed and just watched vultures, eagles, kites, and parakeets against such an unfamiliar cityscape. Slept a bit then four of us set off for Central Park where we sat on a bench surrounded hawkers selling bananas, fruit, nuts etc. astrologers, fortune-tellers, people eager to clean the wax out of my ears, take me to their ‘uncle’ who had a shop…and so on. There were cows in Connaught Place too. Years later I tried to recapture that strange intimidating first encounter on film. I got up early but it had all gone bar two shoeshine boys who followed me around telling me that I could buy them good boxes for Rs 600 etc. I stopped and stood them under a frangipani tree and took a photo, of course they carried on following me. They had given me an address of a florists in Palika Bazaar and I sent them a b/w photo each. Quite soon after I had a letter in England thanking me and saying how pleased they were! Anyone who knows India will understand that such things are very rare! I have been hooked on India ever since.

    I would love to have stories from others about their first experiences of India. Comments please.

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