Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley

This is the Great Stupa at Sanchi with the remnants of an Ashokan pillar.
Why is this relevant to ‘Ladakh and the
Kashmir Valley’?
All to be revealed in a book due out in June – with luck.

2 thoughts on “Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley

  1. David Stacey

    I must congratulate you on such an excellent website with such interesting posts and excellent illustrations. You say that, hopefully, your new book will be coming out in June this year. We are now well into July. Please could you let me know when you expect it to be published and where I can buy a copy.

  2. Michael Thomas

    That’s very kind of you David. The website needs updating and I will get to it soon.
    The new book ‘Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley’ is with the printers now then off to get the ‘lay-flat’ binding.
    With luck I should have copies in the early part of next week and then I need to promote it.

    It’s about 3 times as thick as the Kutch book and very wide-ranging – from tectonic plates, the Himalaya, gompas, a spectacular journey, the floods of 2014, Partition and the very strange situation in Kashmir which went to the brink of war in February 2019. A ‘must have’ book!
    Lots to discuss.

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