Rain in England

Rain – Nageen Lake, Kashmir 2014

How many of us have grumbled about the excessive amount of rain this year? A couple of beautiful days, England at its best, then thunderstorms. Just now heavy rain started again whilst I was scrolling through some photos of Kashmir Valley and I was reminded of the floods in September 2014, five days and nights of incessant rain. Nageen lake rose by 15ft and people were picking apples off the tops of trees. The area is prone to flooding and this was the worst since 1903. A million people were affected in one way or another and 44 people died.

Why am I complaining? I suppose I am not but will continue living on the top of a hill and talking about the weather. After all it’s an English custom.

2 thoughts on “Rain in England

  1. David Stacey

    I see that you are now spending time in Kashmir and I was wondering whether we can expect a new book on this politically complex area. It is some time since your fascinating book on Kutch.

  2. Michael Thomas

    You are indeed right that I have spent some time in Kashmir and Ladakh for that matter. I will be publishing a book about both these parts of the large State of Jammu and Kashmir. Although it was due out round about now this year the past few months have been beset with unexpected obstacles. That said I hope to publish early next year and will keep you informed. To my mind it will be much more interesting than the Kutch book.

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