Paris – multiple terrorist attacks

As I write this I am listening to the radio at night. Only two hours ago there was a report of a shooting in a restaurant close to the Stade de France where France was playing in a friendly football match against Germany. Several people were shot dead, currently believed to be 40.

Since then there have been five more shootings across Paris and it seems like a coordinated terrorist attack. President Hollande was watching the match but in no time he called a meeting at his office and broadcast to the Nation about the situation that he described as ‘horrifying’. His voice was trembling as he asked Parisiens to stay at home, go to safety, announced a ‘state of Emergency’ and that French borders will be closed immediately. The radio continues with its breaking news. Sky News has just reported that a bomb near staircase ‘J’ exploded at the Stade. It hasn’t finished yet by any means.

2 thoughts on “Paris – multiple terrorist attacks

  1. Michael Thomas

    Surely this is a wake-up call for those that lead peaceful lives! Time for ALL countries to work together as we are ALL at risk.

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