Kashmir: flashback – marooned

The storm - water spouts 2

The rain was like this for 5 days and nights almost non-stop.

Just two months ago I was in a disaster zone. Much of Kashmir valley was flooded including Srinagar when the Jhelum River burst its banks in the city centre. I knew little of this as we were on a houseboat just rising with the water. Back home people have commented on ‘fear’, ‘strain’, ‘safety’, ‘escape’, etc. It was not like that; it was more to do with ‘uncertainty’. Our friends had the strain as their house was flooded, they had to keep the houseboats safe and take care of us. Much of it was fun in spite of the potential catastrophe. The city centre was even worse although we did not know it until TV was restored. Here is a short picture story of our gangplank link to the land that explains itself. What it does not convey is the very strange feeling of being without power and any IT connections, just total reliance on word of mouth.


Gangplank 3

Day 2 – floating planks to dry land

Gangplank from the roof

Day 3 – from the sun deck, the lotus plants are submerged.


Day 4 – breaking up

Gangplank from the roof 2

Day 5 – marooned

Gangplank restored

Dry land once again – Nov

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